We now offerDrive-Thru COVID-19 Vaccine Shot

COVID-19 vaccinations are now available. If you are interested in getting vaccinated against COVID-19, please fill out and submit the Checklist for COVID-19 Vaccines found on our website, as well as provide us with your contact number for an appointment or any questions.

Poly-Med now has flu vaccines available. Along with COVID-19 vaccines and more, we urge everyone to secure safety for themselves and their loved ones by getting immunized today!

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Poly-Med Pharmacy is specialized in providing hospice care and home health care services. Our professional team is able to cover the entire spectrum of hospice needs: pharmaceuticals, DME, special packaging, supplies, and fast delivery to patients. We offer competitive pricing and the highest level of service throughout the medication order process and in answering any pharmacy-related questions. As your one-stop source of pharmaceutical solutions, it is our goal to help lead the community to wellness by providing top-quality customer care.

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Our mission is to serve the healthcare needs of the community and provide superior comfort and care — one prescription, one customer at a time. A prescription can be filled at any...

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